Enforcing Short-Term Rental Regulations

It’s the Law

New regulations governing short-term vacation rentals in Hood River’s residential zones went into effect in October 2016. If STRs are a problem in your neighborhood, you now have the force of law on your side! Here’s how to get your STR problems solved.

City code explicitly describes the regulations governing short-term rentals. You can read it here. In general, the following actions may result in a warning or citation:

•    Operating without a license. All short-term rental owners must register with the city, pass on-site inspections and hold a current license.

•    Exceeding occupancy limits. Limits are 2 people per bedroom, plus two additional people from 10  p.m.-7 a.m.; an additional 6 persons are permitted from 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

•    Hosting an event, such as a wedding, rehearsal dinner or corporate retreat

•    Creating “plainly audible noise” between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

•    Leaving unattended barking dogs

•    Lacking adequate on-site parking  

•   Failing to properly dispose of debris. Examples include garbage scattered outside trash receptacle or using a neighbor’s receptacle.


To report a violation

contact Community Service Officer Marty Morgan at 541-387-2761 or marty_morgan@ci.hood-river.or.us.