Thank you. Together, we can keep Hood River real!

Hood River is a truly incredible place: an authentic community with a thriving economy,

surrounded by some of the most remarkable natural beauty in North America.

We want to keep it that way! That’s why a group of locals founded Livable Hood River in 2015.

We’re a non-profit organization that advocates for Hood River residents, the integrity of our residential neighborhoods and our quality of life. We care a lot about keeping Hood River a real community —

a place where people of diverse backgrounds and income levels can live, work and play.

Currently, we are eager to work with our community and our city officials on issues of affordable housing, transportation, parks and more.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Share your thoughts with Livable Hood River.
    We want to be a voice for you.
  • Learn more about local issues by reading through this website.
  • Join our Livable Hood River Facebook page.
  • Make a donation to Livable Hood River to help fund this website and some other communications efforts.

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Welcome to Livable Hood River

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Please join us in protecting this community we all love.